Monday, December 18, 2006

the end of the beginning

hi mike,

this is preemptive, since you even hinted in our brief conversation today that you've got a letter on the way . . . but I'm about to sell my motorcycle, and I wanted to share some of the pictures of it with you. it is bizarre, and almost uncomfortable to feel so emotionally attached to an old piece of metal. but i have literally bled into this machine. I never expected or intended to love this so much - I just wanted a motorcycle. it is so much more.

here are the lessons I've absorbed so far . . .

1) brute force will not get you nearly as far as intelligence
2) if you are trying and trying and trying and it just isn't working - STOP TRYING! step back, take in all of the elements, because you are probably missing something that will make what you're attempting easy
3) if you attach things just enough so they stay put, they will fall off when the bike (life) starts to vibrate excessively as it inevitably will. instead, when you put something in its place pull, yank, test, push and strengthen its hold until you are fully assured that it will stay.

ok, now I have to figure out how to attach pictures . . . oh, that was easy.

I'm sorry I won't be back east for the holidays as usual. all my travels this year have been tough on my body and my bank account . . . my birthday party is february 10th, come. bring celine.



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