Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We're All Going to....?

Hello All,
On the walk to the bus after work today, I found myself thinking a cynical thought about humanity. I had just witnessed two cars in the parking lot of an outlet store, with women inside talking to each other while the cars were running (I can only assume for the AC). In my head I remarked about the total lack of conscientiousness that must take. "They are goin to hell for that shit." Then I said to myself "Oh God, I'M goin straight to hell for that one." Then suddenly it dawned on me, that I wasn't cause I don't believe in that and it was awfully preposterous of me to say that.

So this got me thinking. I kind of do believe in it. Maybe hell is not so much a place in a metaphysical sense (such as a place you eventually go TO, far removed from this reality). Maybe hell is in fact a temporal phase of what we already know. Meaning that our world will one day become hell, instead of our souls going TO hell once our bodies die. The phrase "We're all going to hell" is semantically a construct of the religious assessment of this eventual environment. An archaic concept created by people to punish that which they fear most, the "sins" of humans. An idea they could imagine and had seen signs of in their world, but which had to exist on a grand scale to punish. And since they couldn't fathom a truly Globalized world, they put into another dimension.

Hell is the idea that we're all going to suffer that which we fear most unless we are good. And if THAT is the case, then Hell isn't a place we're GOING to in the next life. Hell is instead a phase of the earth. A phase we can now imagine quite easily given how much smaller the world is to us these days. A phase we can avoid if we can somehow reverse the current trend we are on (wasteful, globally detrimental living, ie. sinning). The religious idea is well intentioned then; to avoid the disgraceful way we are destroying the very environment WE depend on for our stability. Theologians or religionists were focused on the morality of humans collapsing, and that that would cause our undoing. But who is to say in a modern world where we have learned so much else about our universe and ourselves, that morality doesn't include destruction of ourselves over the long term by eliminating our environment. If there is a god, he/she/it don't need this environment. Nobody else but US needs it. Cockroaches, rats, jellfyish, and various and sundry parasites are just licking their lips waiting for us to expire. The religious concept of Hell encapsulated the views that it saw as creating a hell-ish form of humanity. So the concept then just needs a little 21st century updating. In this the phrase ought to be changed to "We're all headed towards the hell." If we keep up as we are, we'll all experience the hell in one of four forms: burning, through the drying out of lands once arable and usable, drowning, through the flooding of lands once dry-er, starving as a result of both those things, or through violence, again brought on by the challenges of all those previously mentioned. Sounds a bit like the Pitchforky depths dudn't it.

A bit morbid, maybe, but I think that since nowadays we are on a course of steady desensitization to just about everything else, we need to wake up, grow up, accept that we are shredding the very bed we sleep in, and start avoiding the hell.

Come on Kids! Dive right in!