Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Depression 2.0

Dear Sonal,
In response to your "any ideas?" question, I do have a few. To begin with though, I think what is often the case with brooders like us (us being all of us here on this blog) is that we feel the sting of reality in several ways. Something is indeed off-putting about the society in which we live. We find ourselves constantly thinking and rethinking about what irks us and why it does so. We feel frustrated and ill-at-ease with the way society operates. We feel a desire to have it be different, so much so that it eats away at our core. Most of all, we feel a distance from ourselves and what we perceive as "everyone else" who seems to go along with their lives and perpetuate this capitalist/consumerist/sonambulist society. Part of us rails against that contigent, but, and correct me if I am wrong, part of us envies their ability to be so at ease when we struggle on a daily basis.

Because we are the way we are, and feel things so intensely so as to make us think long and hard, we have to recognize that everything, and I mean everything, affects us in deep ways. I've become a real proponent of healthy living these days. For me, I make sure to keep my stimulation in check. Stimulation is a good thing, but only when it comes from the right sources. Chemical stimulants are poisons to your body obviously. Eating right and getting excercise, reading rather than watching tv or movies, and talking with people (even total strangers) are the best forms of stimulation I have found. And for folks like ourselves, the more of this kind of stimulation the better. By engaging in a lot of these healthier stimuli, and avoiding the other poisons, we ease up the anxiety created by our normally overactive and overzealous brains.

Now, everyone, forgive me if I sound trite and preachy. I am by no means trying to tell anyone what to do. I'm merely sharing a bit of personal therapy I have engaged in in the last few months and from which I made some profound realizations. I'm certainly no stranger to the unideal stimuli though. I find myself engaging at times and thinking "duh, moron, you're different from other people and these things affect you in much deeper ways for longer periods of time. And we've learned this lesson already, so wise up."

So my ideas, in this respect, are merely to avoid the poisonous stimuli. Seems pretty simple till we realize how much we self-medicate and how much we like these medications.

Just thought I would share that note for everyone. I personally know Mike well and love him as a brother. As a result, I know how much he drinks and how much he smokes cigarettes and/or doesn't get as much excercise as I would like him to. He does, however, avoid television almost entirely and experiences people and society interactively. So, a bit a this a that. Peace where ya can get it.

Whatever you do, it's really just important to do the things that genuinely make you happy on a large scale. Not those that seemingly do so. Easy to mistake the two trust me.

By for now folks,


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